Swimming Pool Technical Services

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Email: chris@cc-filtration.co.uk

CC Filtration Services: is owned and managed by: Chris Carr F.Inst.S.P.Eng.

Chris is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with over thirty years experience in the Swimming Pool Industry. Chris is perhaps best known as being the former Technical Director & chief designer at Lacron Ltd, Britain’s premier filter manufacturer. Over the years Chris has gained a considerable knowledge of manufacturing & installation techniques & has specialized in water filtration & system hydraulics.

Through CC Filtration we can offer a range of Technical Services with the aim to compliment your business.

What can we do for you? 

  • We can provide Training for: ‘The Transportation of Dangerous Goods’ & regularly hold one day courses for those who need to be compliant with the new ADR legislation.
  • We are able to offer educational ‘one day ’Filtration Seminars for either domestic or commercial installations, tailored to suit your requirements.
  • We can assist with filtration plant room design for both commercial & domestic ensuring that the equipment is sized correctly for the purpose and compliant with the relevant standards.
  • We can provide documentary – Technical calculations to verify volumes, flow rates, velocities and ‘system head-loss’ for existing or proposed projects.
  • We can undertake ‘on site’ inspections - produce technical reports of findings and make recommendations of improvements.
  • We are able to produce diagrammatic drawings in colour or monochrome, for equipment & plant room layout.
  • We can assist with product research and development and have a demonstration pool available for test purposes.
  • We can provide a range of technical services to assist with the production of technical and operator’s manuals for a range of applications
  • We can provide Market research for your products to help quantify their potential.

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